Meggan Baumgartner • MAcOM, LAc, Dipl.OM
Asian Medicine: Acupuncture, Chinese Herbs, Qigong
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Patient Testimonials

"I very much appreciate the care and concern that has been shown to me as well as the professionalism of my practitioner. Thank you for helping me get well and stay healthier." Self employed handyman

"I feel very calm, relaxed, centered and well after my acupuncture treatments. Meggan is kind, listens well and is exceptionally skilled in her techniques." Professor

"I find the overall holistic approach that utilizes acupuncture with diet, lifestyle and Chinese herbs a wonderfully effective combination for me. These modalities are the primary vehicle for healing as well as preventing further issues. A session with Meggan is not only important to my medical conditions but is a treat, like a trip to the spa. I am now pain free after only a couple treatments!" Computer programmer

"Each appointment I am treated to a full process. I'm assessed, we discuss what is new and my treatment is tailored specifically for me and my issues that day. I am relaxed and feel much better when I leave. Thank you." Artist

"Meggan has gone above and beyond to tackle incredibly challenging health issues in my life. She has researched and consulted other practitioners in order to provide me with the best care. Meggan's knowledge of the body and Chinese medicine is apparent to me because she treats so many aspects of my conditions in a short time. My quality of life has improved dramatically due to her assistance." Social worker

"Meggan's acupuncture treatments and wise advice have assisted with the successful fertility plan and ease with my labor and delivery process." Biology researcher

"I had very few acupuncture treatments with Meggan (two or three) and have not had a migraine since. This is after years of frequent, debilitating migraines plagued me." Admin Assistant

"The pain and swelling relief I received for my arthritis was and continues to be terrific. I believe this therapy to be worth many times more than what this conscientious and dedicated practitioner charges for her services." College professor

"I came to Meggan to gain assistance for ongoing issues related to peri-menopause. These included hot flashes, intense night sweats, headaches, muscle aches and fatigue. With Meggan's expertise and skills, I am very grateful to say that 99% of my health issues have been resolved. My treatment has consisted of acupuncture and herbs. I can now sleep through the night and rarely if ever, have any hot flashes during the day either. My headaches have dramatically improved as has my overall muscle related issues. The level and duration of fatigue that I feel has dramatically lessened as well. I have and continue to find Meggan to be a very professional and caring health care provider. She is sensitive, has great communication skills and is dedicated to making sure I am a full partner in all decisions and actions about my health care. I could not be more pleased or grateful for my care and the improved results of my health." Librarian

"I have had the pleasure of being one of Meggan Baumgartner's regular patients during her first year as a Chinese medicine practitioner. Meggan was recommended to me by one of her instructors because of her skills and professionalism. I have found her gracious manner, capability and commitment to providing her patients with the best and most compassionate treatment possible to be extraordinary. My treatments with Meggan were always helpful as were her insight, humor and support. Her instructor's recommendation was accurate and I also highly recommend her." Realtor

"Meggan is a very caring, intuitive practitioner who has provided thoughtful, quality care to me for almost a year now. Over that time, she has consistently performed effective acupuncture needling which has provided a great deal of relief for my chronic neck and shoulder issues. In addition, she integrated her own experience as a patient recovering from a knee injury into very productive treatments for my similar injury." Student

"My personal experience with Meggan at the OCOM Acupuncture Clinic was a very positive one! She's a warm, caring and compassionate person. I have recovered about 90% from my recent knee injury." Hairstylist

"Meggan always takes the extra step to comfort her patients. She has the healing touch that not too many have. I always look forward to her treatments..." Home maker

"My personal experience with Meggan's acupuncture has been terrific. The bottom line is that my health is getting better – truly, truly a miracle after the work I used to do that damaged my body." Retired factory worker

"Thanks to Meggan I am able to work with much less pain. My job is very physical and the acupuncture makes me feel younger and be able to work harder." Mechanic

"Meggan is a wonderful practitioner – kind, compassionate, patient and has such a healing presence. I have enjoyed working with her immensely and trust her with my healthcare without a doubt. She is a great acupuncturist!" Graduate student